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(6z ...)(6z...) 36z29.

Ответ: Объяснение: (6z ...)(6z−...) =

6G (network) - Wikipedia

In telecommunications, 6G is the sixth generation standard currently under development for wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks.

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(6z ...)(6z...) (6z ...)(6z...) = 36z216.

PDF Modern Classical Electrodynamics and

ft = E«eZ ^ ^ ( 1 - l«/c|2) JE3d3rp(t,r) JE3d3r%p(t,r')V\r. -r'\n-4. Е т 6 Z (7mМ 2^) 2! (c 1m - |U«1/-с| |M2 )/ E4 3;йE33гр» аW,г, )r E;3Eй33г» 'r|^^ра,гОУ|г-гГm 11 . |E. m6Z . Ч^. E 3й3г.

6z -3z-4z=11 - solution

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